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International calls: +61 3 9653 9123

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Employment lawyers for Australian executives and expatriates

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers was established in 2001 by Bruce Planck, solicitor, to meet the particular needs of Australian executives with respect to their employment law issues. This includes those executives in the expatriate community. Since that time, a large number of executives in Australia and in international locations have benefited from the experience and dedication of the Executive Rights legal team.

Acting for executives across all industry sectors

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers acts for executives across all industry sectors including:

  • senior public servants (Federal/State/local)
  • senior academics
  • insurance and banking executives
  • in-house counsel
  • human resources managers

Prior to establishing Executive Rights Employment Lawyers, Bruce Planck practised as a solicitor in Melbourne mainly in the area of commercial and contractual disputes. Since 1997, he has practised almost exclusively in the field of employment law, acting principally for executives at middle to senior management level.

Practising exclusively in employment law

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers practises predominantly in the area of employment law for executives.

The Executive Rights Employment Lawyers team has had extensive experience and consistently achieved successful outcomes for our clients in a wide range of employment law matters.

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers founder is happy to help Australian executives on employment law issues

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Outstanding track record

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers adopts a conscientious approach to the proper evaluation of our clients’ causes of action and has an outstanding track record for obtaining excellent results for our clients.

We aim to keep our clients out of court and to settle matters in a manner which will be more cost-effective, less stressful and less subject to delays.

The focus of our legal practice is on achieving maximum results while preserving our clients’ résumés and careers.


Employment contracts

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers has also had considerable experience in assisting our clients in the negotiation and drafting of employment contracts and expatriate agreements. We have helped a large number of executives to ensure their rights are protected with respect to termination of employment, confidentiality, restraint of trade covenants and remuneration clauses. This list is not exhaustive.

The trend in modern employment law is to re-emphasise the contract as being the source of rights for the executive. The need for an executive to receive legal advice on contractual issues has therefore never been greater. It is this need that Executive Rights Employment Lawyers seeks to meet.

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers at work in the office


Executive Rights Employment Lawyers has acted for many Australian expatriates in diverse international locations, all of whom have received prompt advice from an experienced team with respect to the employment law issues they have faced.


The benefits we offer are that we have experience, expertise and commitment in the provision of legal services to Australian executives and expatriates in the field of employment law and our client-centred approach to legal practice.

Your matter will only be handled by an employment lawyer with over 20 years’ experience assisting executive and expatriate clients with their employment law issues.

We are committed to the provision of cost-effective legal services.

We do our best to ensure that client matters are resolved without litigation.

Client confidentiality of paramount importance

The Executive Rights Employment Lawyers team adopts a conscientious approach to the handling of client matters and scrupulous attention to client confidentiality. For further information in this regard, please refer to our Privacy Notice.

From our clients

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