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11th August 2022

Call 1300 789 302

11th August 2022


Call 1300 789 302
to speak to an employment lawyer

International calls
+61 3 9653 9123

“An enormous thank you for everything you have done to deal with the difficult situation we had to contend with in (negotiating) the employment agreement ... in our favour. We certainly managed to make a lot more money than they originally offered…you have been a pleasure to deal with...”

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Australian employment lawyers (Melbourne, Sydney) for middle to senior management employees

Executive Rights Employment Lawyers have expertise in providing employment law advice to middle to senior management employees in Sydney, Melbourne or any other Interstate or International location.

We have extensive experience and a track record in achieving excellent results for Australian executives in their employment law matters.

Need Urgent Advice on a Deed of Separation and Release?

You have only one chance to resolve those issues which will affect the rest of your career.

You need to lock down not only the financial but also the reputational issues arising from your departure.

We can advise on how to do that.

Facing a Redundancy?

Many senior employees labour under a misapprehension as to their redundancy rights.

The value of those rights depends upon the “fine print” of the redundancy policy or employment contract provisions (assuming they exist).

Your only entitlement to a severance payment may be based on Federal legislation.

You should make no assumptions about the value of those rights.

We can advise you as to your redundancy rights and how best to approach the negotiations to maximise the payout.

 Need an Employment Contract review?

The terms you bargain for when entering the employment relationship will significantly affect the terms you can expect to receive upon exiting that relationship.

Contractual terms are “organic” i.e. inter-related and need to be understood in that light.

We can advise on these issues.

 Facing a Disciplinary Meeting?

Knowing how to approach such a process is critical to your survival prospects.

You need to have a realistic appreciation of your legal position coupled with a diplomatic touch to achieve the outcome that will best advance your résumé and career.

We can assist you in achieving these goals.

In these and so many issues facing executives, the advice of an ancient Chinese strategist should be top of mind:

“The supreme art of war is to win without fighting” (Sun Tzu – The Art of War).