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16th June 2022

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16th June 2022

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Instructions that we need for Wrongful Termination Matters

Instructions that we need in order to advise you in these types of matters include the following:

  1. A copy of all contracts of employment or letters of appointment that you have been given during the course of your employment;
  2. A copy of the relevant pages of the company manual (if it exists) that deal with notice and redundancy. We also need an explanation of when and how you first became aware of this manual and how the provisions of this document were brought to your attention;
  3. A copy of any letter, e-mail or office memorandum that purports to set out terms and conditions of employment;
  4. Your own detailed witness statement setting out:
    1. your history of employment;
    2. your promotions and awards;
    3. prior disciplinary allegations and how they were resolved;
    4. details of your present position description, remuneration package, and how long you have been in that role;
    5. the events leading up to your termination/demotion or, if neither of these events has yet occurred, the present crisis;
    6. if a termination interview has occurred, who was present, where and when it was conducted and what was said by all those present;
    7. an indication from you as to what you are seeking to achieve i.e. whether you wish to continue working on or whether you wish to leave and, if so, on what basis and your expectations as to compensation; and
    8. witness statements from any cooperative past or present employees as to the circumstances of your termination/demotion.

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